Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

the new auboeck book

clemens kois is a young photographer from salzburg / austria also living and working in new york city.
he started collecting vintage auboeck pieces only some years ago and while picking up speed and quite respectable pieces doing so he had the idea of making a book about his special view on the body of work.
his eye makes the difference. it combines his fellow salzburgian mozart's humor with the viennese  carl auboeck's style and quality - the book is therefore not only highly entertaining but roots deep in the educating business..  kois maybe was not even intending this effect but for me every of the great close up images will be  a witness of a time not so long ago when all of these shown details and combinations of different materials still were just simple state of the handcraft - today the masters of  leather , brass, cane and horn.. are still alive or just starting up and wait to be asked for their contribution.
today our workshop still struggles and strives to follow, sometimes even outdo the high principles in quality set by the last generations in the workshop and we are very happy to say that we are confirmed and often flattered by the very positive acknowledgements from our highly esteemed customers ..
carl auboeck IV

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